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The Savannah Go-Go Bag

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Like the treeless grassplanes of Africa - untamed and free!

Savannah, a name that rolls so sexy and free from the tongue. With its sandy and green stripes it reminds of the vast flat grass fields of Africa. There is a whisper in the wind and a carefree aura when imagining the African sunset, the grass swaying softly and the sand moving around. This bag carries the strong and beautiful name of Savannah. 

Made from durable striped canvas on the outside with a layer of PVC and canvas inside and an inside pocket with a zipper for your personal goodies. This is the perfect companion to take on a safari, weekend in the bush or anywhere else the wind may take you.



Top width: 75cm
Height: 40cm
Bottom: 15cm

Care Instructions: 

Wipe clean with a soft soapy cloth and let dry in a shady spot. 

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