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Baby Hammocks

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The MiGi baby and toddler hammock swing is the ideal swing for your little one. It can be used by newborns and toddlers up to the age of 4 years old. We used this baby hammock with our own kids and we as moms were just crazy about it, not to mention how much our kids loved it. We couldn't get them out! 

Swinging is like a fun magic trick for babies and toddlers! When they swing back and forth, their bodies learn how to balance and move in cool ways. It's like a little workout for their muscles, making them strong and helping them learn how to move better. Swinging also makes them feel happy and excited, like they're flying! Plus, it helps their brains figure out where they are in space, which is important for growing up. So, swinging isn't just fun—it's like a super fun school for their bodies and minds!

One of the features about our baby hammock is that the baby can sit upright or lie back when tired and this is the ideal spot for a nap! You can also lower the hammock when the baby is a bit older so that their feet touch the ground and then they can swing themselves. 


The hammock swings are easy to hang and portable, great for on the verandas, picnics, camping or taking over to grandma’s -all you need is a strong single point, (eg. a beam or tree branch) from which to hang them. We provide a 2-and-a-half-meter length of rope and a marine-grade stainless steel hook and shackle for hanging. Alternatively, they can be hung from a secure eyebolt/hook.


  • Please make sure all knots on the hammock are tight and secure before using
  • Always make sure that the rope and carribean hooks are in good condition
  • Never leave baby unattended in the hammock
  • Baby hammock already assembled and packed in a matching canvas drawstring bag
  • Outdoor canvas fabric hammock, 4x 35mm round wooden poles, 7mm sash cord and a hook and shackle plus a 2,5m rope for hanging. 
  • Can take up to 20kg
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Machine or Hand washable (Dismantle before wash)
  • Adult supervision is advised. MiGi Designs will not be liable for any loss or damages


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