Lounging around on a MiGi Beanbag...

Lounging around on a MiGi Beanbag...

It is that time of the year we move indoors, or at least we (the adults) do. It seems to me that kids are not aware that it is colder and winter. Except for early mornings before school when you can't get out of bed. 

So now everyone is indoors and it gets quite crowdy and fighting over the couch to lounge on becomes a real issue. But hear me out on this one, we have the perfect solution so that everyone can have a lounging spot... The MiGi Beanbag.

Stuffed with polystyrene balls covered in an inner with a removable cover (in velvet or corduroy mind you), this is the ideal extra bed/mattress/sofa/beanbag in the house. It is easy to move around, stow away and does not take allllll the space in the room. Definitely a winner in our household. 

With a rainbow of warm winter colours to choose from, you will be sure to add a statement to your decor. Give it a go this winter. You will be so pleased with yourself. 

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