Migi Teepees


    MiGi Teepee Tents 

    Our teepee tents are unique as they are made from an outdoor canvas which makes it ideal to use inside and outside. It is the perfect accessory for any child’s room or nursery. Great for story time, imaginary play and a prominent décor piece. It also serves as a fantastic sensory hideout when the kids are over- or under stimulated. Pitch it outside for shade next to the pool or on the beach, the kids love it, and you will look super cool.


    – Outdoor Bahama Canvas, 4x19mm wooden poles (foldable)
    – Stand 1.8m tall when folded
    – 1.2m in diameter when fully opened
    – For indoor or outdoor use
    – Machine or hand washable (dismantle before wash)

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