MiGi’s Indoor Lounger

The MiGi team is a bunch of fun-loving family-vibe-type-of-tribe. Our products are ideas that come alive, things we use and want in our homes. So we try it and we test it and then once in a while we get a really good idea …

We proudly present to you, the MiGi Indoor Lounger. 

Our MiGi pool loungers were very popular in summer, therefore we wanted to create something similar that can be used throughout the year. Now you can now dress your pool lounger in a winter coat of soft and comfortable indoor fabric in the most luxurious colours to suit any décor or theme. This floor cushion can be used as an indoor lounger, chair, laptop stand, sofa, couch, bed and we are sure you will find many more uses for them. Move it around in the house, shake it out and wiggle yourself until you are comfortable.

The loungers can be used by the whole family and is a great spot for reading or just lounging in front of the TV watching a movie. It is also a favourite in the kiddies and teens room when friends are over and for some me-time.

We believe that this lounger will make your winter a memorable one (although we know you are going to use it all year round).

If you already have a MiGi pool lounger, you can buy the new fabric covers only.

See prices and options below.

How to use your MiGi Indoor Lounger




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