I want to have my cake and eat it. Yup, that’s right. I want to be mother of the year, but without the 24/7 backbreaking emotional and physical labour, it takes to just get nominated for this elusive award. Which means I love shortcuts and tips. If you don’t have children yet, move along swiftly, there’s nothing here to see… (lol).

So, moms, if I could tell you about a quick and easy way to do something for yourself and your child, and even throw in an improvement to the decor of your child’s room, would you be interested? Read on sister…

Perhaps it’s a remnant from our days as cave dwellers, but I am yet to meet a kid who does not love hiding inside a fort or any cave-like structure (often meticulously put together in the middle of your living room).

It’s easy to see the allure of a hideout, even more so as a middle-aged mom of two boys. I would be lying if I told you I have not been (very) tempted to crawl into an already assembled blanket-built fort for some solitude, where I can drink my double triple espresso from a Sippy cup while curled up in the foetal position, nurturing well deserved “me-time”.

I remember a summer holiday where a red two-man tent, set up in our front garden, became a hideout for weeks on end. There was nothing inside bar two patio chair cushions, a book or two, and snacks in the form of two apples and a bottle of water. And it was bliss. My friends and I told each other stories, we played games, we sang, we had naps, we laughed, and we felt safe and yet free – as if we had our own little house.

So, here’s where the shortcut comes in: Putting up tents outside and building forts inside aren’t always the best/easiest option, for various reasons of which the taking down and tidying up of said structures is not an insignificant part.You want to give your children that special, nurturing space, but without going through the whole rigmarole involved with above mentioned structures. Enter Teepees…

Teepees are like tents, less the zip and windows. I’m not known for my interior decorating skills or cool whatevers, but I think Teepees look kinda cool and trendy.

There is a certain kind of magic to a hiding place, whether it’s in a child’s own bedroom or elsewhere in the house or garden, it still feels like an adventure. It’s a place that transports you, even if you don’t set foot outside your house. And the mother-of-the-year part is that it can help your child to develop their imagination and take a timeout from all the orchestrated, over-stimulating activities we often expose them to. Children need to have space where they can be bored, can find a bit of peace and quiet, can feel safe and relaxed and can take some time-out for reading or dreaming.

While your child is enjoying some guilt-free Teepee time, it gives you a bit of space and extra time for doing other important mom stuff. And that’s also really cool.

If you’re not sure what Teepees are, or what’s available out there – have a look at www.migidesigns.co.za – they have a beautiful selection in different sizes and colours. The MiGi website is very user-friendly and navigating between products is a breeze.

MiGi is a proudly South African company and their Teepees are manufactured locally. And they even make them for pets.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with a Teepee.

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